Sunday, May 8, 2011

Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Blog

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Covers Foreclosure defense, scams, and cases involved in Florida foreclosures and around the country

MY REVIEW: There are two schools of thought on the mortgage crisis that has pretty much ruined the American economy for the last three or four years. There are those who think that it was the fault of the government, for forcing lenders to make housing loans to people who clearly would never be able to pay their mortgages, and the fault of the individuals themselves who bought homes when they had neither the knowledge or the income to be able to afford one.

The other side of the coin is that these marginal home owners were actually victimized by the lenders themselves, and are continuing to be victimized by the banks, some of whom are forging documents in order to go into foreclosure, or are misrepresenting the amount owed on a mortgage.

It's all a big mess and its incredible to me that things were allowed to get into this state!

In any event, if you live in Florida and are in danger of losing your house, you might find this blog of interest. Or, if you are just interested in the legal ramifications of this foreclosure debacle, you'll also find this blog of interest.

This blog is run by a lawyer...and I'm not advocating him - or anyone - to help you. All I've done is read his blog. If you do need help, be very careful whom you approach. There are quite a few scams going on, with inexperienced people or plain out and out crooks forming companies where they say they'll renegotiate your mortgage for you and help you save your house, in return demanding an up front payment from you. Do NOT hire these people. If they can't save your house, why should you have to pay them? And if you can afford to pay them the fees they ask, it'd be better to spend that money on your mortgage!

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