Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kevin Lee Allen Design Blog (Arts and entertainment)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Our take on the world of design and the world

MY REVIEW: This is an enjoyable blog, and worth it for only 99 cents a month. The posts are frequent. They aren't very long, for the most part - a single photo shared and some comments on it. But the authors do have interesting things to say about design, so check it out!

Sample post:
Bus Stops as Art and Architectural Folly

Bus Stops are ubiquitous and often under designed, to say the very least. There is one near us that is designed, using the term loosely, but without sense of scale or context; faux (read bad) Victorian set in a faux (read well done in the early 20th Century) Tudor shopping village.

Every once and awhile some interesting bus stops show up on the Internets. The one at left is simple, fun and green. OK, it is yellow, but it is environmentally sound as it reuses bits of retired school buses. Context and placement would be key to this design being ultimately successful.

We’re not all matchy-matchy. Eclectic neighborhoods are more fun than over the top thematic installations. Nonetheless this structure will stand out everywhere, but it has to be placed properly in order to stand out properly. It would clash violently in the Tudor Shopping district. On the other hand, this would be fun near a plaground or a park.

Architectural Follies are a great way to inject set design into everyday life. We love these bus stops as accents. Even commuters deserve a smile. And not a back-lit advert to be seen.

Plus, what fun to create and use in a film or television commercial?

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