Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Brouhaha (arts and entertainment)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: The articles in this blog cover various topics that are intended to highlight the short story genre. Guest short story authors are frequently featured.

This blog also provides reviews for works that are 10,000 words or less only. This is a somewhat unique feature as most blog reviewers focus primarily on novels.

MY REVIEW: Book Brouhaha seems to be a misnomer, since this blog focuses on the short story rather than the book. But that's a mere quibble. This is an excellent blog for those folks who are interested in short stories - and I have to admit in today's busy world it's a lot easier to find the time to read short stories rather than novels.

The short story is a distinct form from the novel - believe it or not its much harder to right a short story, as one has fewer words in which to accomplish the padding allowed, which you can get by with in a novel.

Author interviews, short stories, short story reviews.

Highly recommended.

--The Short Story Project
I was introduced to the short story genre in high school and simply fell in love. It's completely different from reading a novel. A novel ...
--Review of "Against Her Fading Hour" by Isaac Sweeney
Summary: Three heart-wrenching short stories. In "Handi-Cure," Elisa is a widow looking for acceptance in the world. She tries to find it...
--Guest article by Jennifer Conner from e-publishing company Books to Go Now
People aren’t reading less, in fact I feel people are reading more than ever. Readers want to escape if even for a short time for romance, a...
--Author interview: James Everington
How did you become interested in short stories? By reading great ones; the first book of short stories I remember really impressing me was ...
--Author interview: Isaac Sweeney
How did you become interested in short stories? In school, the assignments were always to write short stories or poetry in the creative writ...

Reviews published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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