Friday, March 5, 2010

Thinking of doing a Freezerburns blog myself!

A few weeks ago by blog review associate, Ann Currie, reviewed a blog called Freezerburns, which she thought was a great idea but unsuitable for the Kindle because it was video posts rather than typing posts.

Well, after heating up a Marie Callender TV dinner which was supposed to be a porkchop with bacon/cheddar mashed potatoes and a corn/carrot/green bean medley, and finding that my mashed potatoes had no bacon and only three strands of cheese, and my corn/carrot/greenbean medley had one - count 'em, one, slice of carrot, I'd really like to have a blog where I blow the lid off these "bait and switch" TV dinners!

Heck...I think I really will start one!

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