Monday, March 29, 2010

Aviation Blogs Index

There are dozens of blogs written by aviators "out there," but only 13 are available for subsrciption via the Kindle.

One that is not available is This blog is devoted to recording the happenings with the surviving WASP (women airforce service pilots), and therefore of course what it mostly records is their deaths, as the 300 or so survivors are all in their 80s or 90s now. So this is one blog in which we do not want to see a lot of entries!

Another blog, written by a USAF pilot, is (This is not a time when women should be patient. We are in a war and we need to fight it with all our ability and every weapon possible. Women pilots, in this particular case, are a weapon waiting to be used. — Eleanor Roosevelt, 1942.)

And then there's the adventures of Chopper Chick (A nomad female helicopter pilot flying all over the United States where the work takes her from Aerial Construction, Fire-Fighting, News, Charter, and Production flying who also has numerous hobbies varying from dirtbiking, streetbiking, surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, horsebackriding, and many many more that lead her on countless adventures!)

But on to the blogs available for subscription via the Kindle. (Click on link to be taken to Amazon page to subscribe. If there is no link, it's because the blog is inactive.)

Airspeed by Airspeed, LLC
Evan Sparks's Aviation Policy Blog by Evan Sparks (infrequently updated. Last update Jan 2010)
Aviation Law Monitor by Mike Danko, The Danko Law Firm
Cessna Warbirds by Walt Shiel by Walt Shiel
Instructor's Blog | IndependentFlightIns... by by
professional pilot logbook by Jared Dirkmaat
Ethan's RV-7A by Ethan Jacoby
WW2 airplanes and their pilots by John Mollison
Winged Victory: Women in Aviation by Gale Force

The Wind Beneath My WingINACTIVE since 2009
FlyMiwokBlog INACTIVE since February 2010
Redefine The Experience by GM Baker INACTIVE since Jan 26, not aviation related per se.

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