Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pricing Ideosyncrasy of SportsBlog Nation (SB) Blogs

In beginning my reviews of baseball blogs, I'm finding that over 90% of them offered on the Kindle are hosted at SportsBlog Nation.

I'm also finding that there are two, count 'em, two, entries for each blog. One pricing it at $1.99 a month, the other at 99 cents a month, for a subscription.

Obviously, you want to choose the blog that is priced at only 99 cents a month.

All of my reviews will have the link to the 99-cent-a-month blog, but if you're taking the dangerous step of searching for sports blogs on your own without being guided by me, you might come across a SportsBlog Nation blog for some other sport that is also 1.99, and not realize that if you type in the name of the blog (rather than the name of the team) into the Amazon search box, it might bring up two versions of that blog, one priced more cheaply than the other.

So bear that in mind.

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