Monday, March 8, 2010

Alert: Don't bother with MVN blogs for MLB, NFL, Golf or anything!

There are quite a few blogs still available on the Kindle that are hosted at MVN (Most Valuable Network), a website that has been defunct since last year.

So if you're looking for baseball blogs on the Kindle, and come across any that say they are published by MVN or Most Valuable Network, no need to bother.

Below is a running list of the blogs that no longer exist, yet are still available on Kindle

NFL: New York Giants, Giants 101
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers, The Steel Tradition
NFL: Seattle Seahawks, The Power of 12
NFL: Draft, NFL Draft University
NFL: New York Jets, The Cockpit
NFL: San Diego Chargers, Chargers Confidential
NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atop the Crows Nest
NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars, Jaguars Journal
NFL: New England Patriots, The Patriot Act
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles, Eagles Eye
NFL: Minnesota Vikings, Vikings War Cry
NFL: Indianapolis Colts, Colts Couch Crew
NFL: Houston Texans, Texas-Sized Football
NFL: Tennessee Titans, Total Titans
NFL: Kansas City Chiefs, Home of the Chiefs
NFL: Cleveland Browns, Browns Bites
NFL: New England Patriots, The Patriot Act
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles, Eagles Eye
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals, The Bengal Blitz
NFL: Denver Broncos, Thin Air
NFL: San Francisco 49ers, Mining the Gold Rush
NFL: St Louis Rams, RAMblings
NFL: Baltimore Ravens, Ravens Roost
NFL: Buffalo Bills, Circling the Wagons
NFL: General Football, The Blitz
NFL: Washington Redskins, Hog Heaven
NFL: Chicago Bears, From the Midway
NFL: Green Bay Packers, The Frozen Tundra
NFL: Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals Report
NFL: Atlanta Falcons, Flying High
NFL: Dallas Cowboys, The Cowboy Roundup
NFL: Detroit Lions, Lions Den
NFL: New Orleans Saints, Cajun Up with the Saints

Seattle Mariners, Caffeinated Confines
MLB: Toronto Blue Jays, Jays Nest
MLB: San Francisco Giants, Giants Cove
MLB: Florida Marlins, Marlins Today
MLB: Tampa Bay Devil Rays, RaysTalk
MLB: Washington Nationals, Oleanders and Morning Glories
MLB: Minnesota Twins, Twins Killings
MLB: Kansas City Royals, Royals Authority
MLB: Milwaukee Brewers, Brewers Bar
MLB: Los Angeles Angels, Big Big A Baseball
MLB: Oakland Athletics, Athletic Supporters
MLB: Boston Red Sox, Fire Brand of the American League
MLB: Detroit Tigers, Roar of the Tigers
MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Lumber Co.
MLB: Houston Astros, The Astros Dugout
MLB: General Baseball, Baseballistic
MLB: Chicago Cubs, The Cub Reporter
MLB: New York Mets, Take the 7 Train
MLB: San Diego Padres, San Diego Spotlight
MLB: New York Yankees, The Bronx Block
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodger Hits
MLB: Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Magic
MLB: Philadelphia Phillies, Phanatic Phollow Up
MLB: Texas Rangers, Baseball Time in Arlington

NBA, Philadelphia 76ers, Passion & Pride
NBA, Charlotte Bobcats, Bobcat Bonfire
NBA, Minnesota Timberwolves, Wolves Watch
NBA, Boston Celtics, Celtic17
NBA, Orlando Magic, Believing in Magic
NBA, Detroit Pistons, Motoring
NBA, San Antonio Spurs, Spur of the Moment
NBA, Washington Wizards, Les Bullez
NBA, Miami Heat, Crazy from the Heat
NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cavalier Attitude
NBA, New York Knicks, Father Knickerbocker

Other Sports
NASCAR, The Pit Stop
Golf, Down the Middle
Tennis, Tennis Diary
Boxing, The Ring Report

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