Monday, March 1, 2010

The Dog Ate My Care Plan





BLOG DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the life and times of a 28-yr-old mother of three and wife to one. I'm a junior nursing student in an evening/weekend BSN program graduating in December of 2011. Join me in my pilgrimage through endless studying, sleep deprivation, and the utter and total lack of a social life. But be nice to me...I may be your nurse some day!

MY REVIEW: Most people have it tough these days. Going to school to get an education to get a decent job, worried that they'll have a decent job to get, and so on. Writing about one's experiences can be very therapeutic (indeed, not enough people do it!)

The author of this blog, IsntSheLovlei, is in training to be a nurse, as she points out, and she explains in her description exactly what she is going to share with the reader,"endless studying, sleep deprivation, and the utter and total lack of a social life."

Who will find this blog of interest? Well, fellow nursing students - those who are thinking of taking such classes and want to see how fellow students react, those who are taking such classes and enjoy reading other's experiences, and other people who don't intend to be nurses themselves but are just interested in what people have to do to get into this or that field.

The one problem with this blog is that it is not updated very frequently...on average once a month.

Subscribe to the blog via its RSS feed, and see if you'll like it.

Here's a few sample paragraphs:
Health Assessment is just about coming to a close—thank goodness. For a minute there I thought I wasn’t going to make it–my hair even started falling out again. But I’m still here, balding and all lol. We had our clinical final exam/check-offs this past Saturday. You have to do an assessment of one major system (Neurological, Thorax & Lungs, or Abdominal) and two minor systems (CN 1-6, CN 7-12, Cardiac & Peripheral Vascular, or Head/Neck/Face/Ears)—which you basically pick out of a hat. Since you don’t know which ones you’re going to get until that morning you have to know ALL of them perfectly—or at least sufficiently well as clinical is pass/fail. With so many minor details within each system I must have studied for it for a week straight—I even slept with my notes the night before.

Instead of visions of sugar-plums dancing in my head I was having nightmares about cranial nerves, diaphragmatic expansion, and liver spans. But it actually turned out ok. My major system was abdominal—which of course was one of my least favorites. I’m just not comfortable with the percussion aspect of it. Liver spans, splenic dullness, tympany over the gastric bubble—most of the time it all sounds like the same ol’ shit to me. And how many nurses really percuss in their daily practice? I am almost 29-years-old and I don’t remember ever being percussed. For my minor systems I had Head/Face/Neck/Ears (and I remembered to hold the otoscope upside down!) and Cranial Nerves 7-12—piece of cake.

We still have to take the HESI tomorrow night and our final exam on Thursday. If we make benchmark on the HESI (we’ll see how that goes), we get 10 points added to our final exam grade. Now I wouldn’t mind that at all…

Up next, Maternity/OB. But first, spring break here I come! Of course it won’t be a full week of pure unproductive bliss since we’re expected to have read the first five chapters in our maternity textbook for the first day of class—oy!

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