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StartupAide (small business)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle

MY RECOMMENDATION: YES - with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Designed for individuals that want to start their own business using little to no capital. Learn what it takes to succeed!

2-5 new Blog entries per week.

MY REVIEW: I'm somewhat hesitant to review a blog that is so brand new that it has only 2 posts in it - one made on March 9 and the other on March 11. One hopes posts occur every other day durin gthe week - but how to know?

On the other hand, I do like to give brand new blogs a helping hand, and judging from the two posts to date, the author does know what he - or she! - is writing about.

In addition, as usual, Kindle has put the beginning price of this blog at $1.99. However, also as usual, I'm sure they'll drop the price down to 99 cents within a few days or weeks (regardless of how many people subscribe). The information here - if it remains the same consistent quality as exhibited in the first two posts, is worth $1.99 a month, so don't wait to see if the price drops down! (And if it does, even mid-month, you will be refunded whatever the difference is on whatever credit card you use to subscribe to the blog.)

Sample Post:
After years of consulting eager individuals looking to go into business for themselves I see this common theme. Those that do not have any formal or practical training starting a business seem to just do ‘things’ and hope they are successful. There’s no planning, no research, no market scanning; just actions shot at random hoping to hit a target.

Imagine, you receive an email claiming riches and fortune beyond your wildest imagination. It’s a simple, easy, no hassle way to make money. Just click this link! Your eyes light up, the thought of that income is too good to resist. You click, read how internet advertising will solve all your problems; just sign up, and watch the money roll in. You think to yourself:

“This is for me”

“I am far too busy to start a business from the ground up,”

“I have no free time and I work hard enough as it is."

You sign up for internet hosting, hire a web designer, create a site and use the ‘emailed service’ to populate your site with links galore, every visitor, every click, instant income; one step closer to riches and fortune. You wait two days, three; one week, two. Two weeks turn to two months; two months to six and still not one view for your site. You spent $150 for two years of hosting, and $100 on web development, and nothing. Where are my riches, my fortune? This was supposed to be easy!

What the email neglects to mention is how many sites just like yours exist and getting a site noticed online is not just going to happen by itself. It takes constant content submission, a significant social presence, and links to your site on as many websites as possible. Five minutes of Google searching for ‘Internet advertising statistics’ might have saved you six months of distress and over $250.

I understand how important it is for you to ‘be your own boss’ and ‘take control of your life’ but most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the best way to achieve that goal is through strategy. Save yourself time and money by doing a little research. Know what you are getting into before following that link, before buying that expensive piece of equipment for your new t-shirt business. Most of the information you will ever need is available for FREE ‘somewhere,’ just take some time to look.

One of the most important measures of success is the effort you put in for your new venture. I’m not saying that the harder you work, the more successful you will be. I am referring to Strategic Effort; plan your strategy after researching your industry. Develop an entrance strategy and build appropriate steps to increase the possibility of success.

Want to be a Wedding Planner? Have you researched how many wedding planning companies are in your local area? What sets yours apart? Is it price? Convenience? Luxury?

If you have already started the business,

do you find yourself frantically preparing for the wedding? Using your own money to get items to the wedding at the last minute (You should NEVER have to use your own/company money)? Do processes seem much more complicated than they need to?

Do I finally have your attention? Good! Because I’m here to help.

First things first:

1. Slow down
A common mistake that most entrepreneurs make is being impatient, rushing success.

2. Research
Take time to see if your idea can actually be a viable business. If you don’t know what to research, use a search engine and type ‘what I need to know to start a business’ or ‘(insert business here) research.” (Note: If a website offers information for a price, ignore that site and move on to the next one. The internet is full of FREE information). If you still can’t figure out what to research, ask me! (

3. Ask Questions
Ask lots and lots of questions. If you are concerned with someone stealing your idea, then either spare the details or have them sign a NonDisclosure agreement. Don’t know where to find one? Do online search for ‘free nondisclosure agreement.’ I might even post some legal documents on this site in the near future. (

4. Plan
Strategy is the MOST important aspect of getting a startup business out to the public. How are you going to advertise your product? What is your product creation process? What do I do if something goes wrong? (Refer to blog entry on Contingency Plan)

5. Execute
Now that you have done all of the due-diligence it’s time to start your business. Put that plan in motion. Your success probability should now be substantially greater.

Follow these steps before you start your next business venture. If you already own a business, revisit this list and see what you can improve. Your company and possibly employees, will thank you.

Now go and be successful! Start NOW!

--The Contingency Plan- Planning for undesired outcomes for any business venture
--I Just Jumped Right In

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