Saturday, March 12, 2011

Retro Review: Beyond the Backstop (Baseball)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, with reservations



BLOG DESCRIPTION: Behind The Backstop offers news, analysis, and opinions on all topics concerning Major League Baseball. We provide content 7 days a week.

MY REVIEW: Well, this is a brand new blog, so it's a bit hard to give it a proper review right now. Just as this blog metamorphosized in its first two weeks of existence, so might this one, especially when the real season starts.

Rather than focusing on one particular team, it seems that this blog will focus on baseball news in general. Right now, as we wait for the season to start, they're doing Team Previews, which are all very well if you're interested in teams from a fantasy league basis, or just in baseball in general.

There are no photos yet, and presumably tehre won't be until the writers actually go visit the teams in their area (as opposed to spring trainng which are all taking place in Grapefruit places - that'd be Florida, or Cactus places - that'd be Arizona!

How will this blog differentiate itself from the hundreds of other blogs out there. If you're a general blog rather than a specific team blog, it'll require something special. Perhaps the authors will have a certain sense of humor, or some particular style.

So for now, we'll say yes with reservations to this blog, and we'll check back when the season starts to see what is happening then.

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