Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Retro Review: Camden Chat (Baltimore Orioles)


MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, with reservations


WEB ADDRESS: http://camdenchat.com

BLOG DESCRIPTION: The SB Nation blog covering the Baltimore Orioles. (Costs $1.99 per month to subscribe via Kindle)

MY REVIEW: I'v been a Baltimore Orioles fan for a long time....heck, I was watching the Orioles when Boog Powell was playing! And of course Cal Ripken was a perennial favorite. So if I may interject a personal note here... please, Orioles, get over .500 this year.

There is such a wealth of information given by Camden Chat to your Kindle, that at a cost of 99 cents a month to have it delivered, it's not a bad deal, especially if you're a Baltimore Orioles fan.

Unfortunately, like most of the SportsBlog Nation blogs, many of the features available on the website aren't available on the Kindle. There are videos, audio, lots and lots of photos, and probably even game threads that you won't see unless you actually visit this blog web's page.

I anticipate that once the season actually begins and the posts really start coming, they'll mostly be text-based, and Kindle users will be able to enjoy having the articles delivered directly to their Kindle.

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-Now its time to panic - MacPhail officially worried about Roberts
-Matt Wieters graces the cover of Sports Illustrated, meaning that (for this week)...
-Game Thread: Rays at Orioles

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