Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Website review: Pac Rite Inc.

Business name: Pac Rite Inc

Pac Rite Inc., produces and sells shipping tubes,  label cores (those small cardboard circular thingies in the middle of a roll of packing tape, or on a roll of sticky labels or something of that nature, and concrete forms - which just means that they recycle concrete somehow into light weight tubing, and converting cores - something I don't actually understand, but I *assume* it means they can produce cores to any size and shape that their customer wants. (Hopefully - and presumably - their potential customers understand this terminology.)

They also do concrete forms. It took me a while to figure out that, too, I have to admit, until the word "forms" clicked. So they do circular tubes strong enough to hold concrete, for businesses that want to make concrete columns or things of that nature. 

Shipping tubes and label cores are within my understanding, and since they produce 100% green products, and can produce these products in a cost -effective way, their prices are reasonable.

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