Friday, July 25, 2014

Website Review: Hookah Shisha

Business: Hookah Shisha: Selling hookahs, hookah pens, and a variety of hookah products

This is an e-commerce website, focusing on hookah products, obviously.

They don't have a nav bar, all of the categories of the items they sell are listed in a left hand column, which you can scroll down by scrolling down the entire page.

There's a lot of info listed here - plenty of FAQs on the health aspects of hookah pens (if you smoke fruit flavored liquids, that of course is a lot healthier than nicotine!) how old you have to be (18) how to operate the various hookahs  - from the full size ones (over 3 feet tall) to the tiny, portable ones known as hookah pens or hookah sticks.

There are also videos, testimonials, oh, a wide variety of information for you to check out!.

The site suffers from a lack of paragraph breaks.


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