Saturday, July 12, 2014

Website review: Chris's Country Essence

One feature I'm going to add is to do website reviews as well as blog reviews, and we're going to start with Chris's Country Essence, a site that offers a variety of products from the honeybee, from beeswax candles to bee pollen enriched products.

These days, "natural" is in.

I've been reading up on the Paleo diet, for example, which advocates us going back to the diet are Stone Age ancestors used.  And this was *before* land cultivation came in - so no grains, no corn, no bread, etc.

But the science behind it seems pretty sound.

Then there's organic and natural stuff like beeswax pillar candles, or cute little beeswax candles in the shapes of teddy bears, beehives, or even bees. (Pretty large bees, obviously - pretty scary if they were real!!!!)

According to the site, "Chris's Country Essence is the leading supplier in Bee Pollen Enriched products, a very fast growing category of body wash products. Bee Pollen Enriched products come unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed; this leaves bee pollen enriched body wash and shampoos with all of the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals!"

So, if you're looking to remove today's excessive additive-stuffed products from your shelves and your lives and go back to natural stuff, check out this site.

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