Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hookah Town: Electronic hookah sticks

Hookah Town (url http://www.hookahtown.com/)  is a very "busy" site. It's an e-commerce store, selling a variety of hookahs, from the full size version to the tiny, portable hookah sticks (also known as hookah pens).

The logo is teeny tiny in the left hand corner - very easy to not notice. Their left hand size nav bar needs some work as well.

Other than that, it's a typical e-commerce site. They've got about a hundred products, such as replaceable cartridges for the hookah pins, or new hookah sticks if you prefer the disposable kind.

Hookahs have been used for centuries to vaporize nicotine in order to smoke - you may have seen Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes smoking a hookah in a turkish bath in one of his episodes, and kids will have seen the caterpillar in the 1950s Alice in Wonderland smoke a hookah and blow smoke rings. (He's doing this in the book as well).

These days, people who are concerned about the harmful effects of nicotine will use fruit-flavored liquid cartridges instead.

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