Friday, July 25, 2014

Website Review: Fife Towing - Seattle towing company

Business Name: Fife Service & Towing

This is a nice website. Everything designed to be easy to find. The nav bar across the top consists of Home, Commercial Towing, Services, Redeeming a Vehicle, Coupons,  Blog and Contact.

Their blog seems to be updated once a month - and has some good tips there.

Their services are for both normal car owners and for commercial vehicles - i.e. over the road trucks. (And they do tow away for the city, as well.)

They tow cars, motorcycles, 5th wheels, motor homes and containers.

But they do more than that - although this isn't easily seen - just on their services page.

They'll unlock your car for you if you lock yourself out, do pull starts deliver fuel to your car, change your tire, and if you've been a bit too wild and crazy and ended up in a ditch, they'll winch you out.  This Seattle towing company does it all.

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