Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kindle book announcement: The Lady and the Tiger...Moth

This isn't a book review - although I am branching out in book reviews and will be adding a few very shortly - and as usual I have to apologize - this time to the authors for delay in reviewing their books. [All I can say is you would not believe how stressful this move has been, plus my fight against depression at having Amazon arbitrarily cut my income in half...but i promise I won't rant about that anymore!

Anyway, in the week or so I took off from blogging to recover from the blow, I completed a project that I'd been working on desultorily for some time.

It's a book, half graphic novel, half prose novel, called The Lady and the Tiger Moth.

If you're on your kindle, go to the Amazon store and search for that title, and you'll find it. For my readers on the web:

The graphic part of the novel introduces Shannon Scott, a young, freelance writer who is also a pilot. Her flight instructor runs a company called Taildragger Tours which sends biplanes to airshows during the summer months, and he's just lost his Tiger Moth pilot, so he asks Shannon if she'd like the job. She jumps at it.

The story is chock full - supernatural happenings, women in aviation history, romance, and of course, flying.

Please check it out.

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