Thursday, October 14, 2010

Retro Review: Families and Technology


MY RECOMMENDATION: The blog had no posts from December until March, but now the author seems to have picked it up again.

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Have you ever screamed "Enough!" after becoming overwhelmed with information overload or the constant buzzing of devices? Are you a parent who is tired of trying to pry the kids off of their screens to go play outside for a rare change? Or have you found that all of the connectivity that we have improves your family's life, whether it be video conferencing the grandparents in or helping run the family smoothly.

We like to explore the trends in where technology, as it affects people of all ages and especially from the family angle. How do you manage technology? How do you use it to do things that pull your family together, or open avenues for doing things that can't be done without technology?

MY REVIEW: This is a good topic, however the most recent post was December 9, 2009 and the one prior to that November 15, 2009. Not only is it an inactive blog – it was never updated frequently. Possibly a good topic but we'll never really know from this author.

Ann Currie publishes
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