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Learn to Crochet in Minutes a Day (hobbies)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: This blog will have one lesson weekly, starting with the most basic crochet stitch, and will work slowly towards more complex stitches. Each lesson is designed to allow for ample time to practice each stitch, and I will offer crochet patterns frequently which will allow the reader to practice the stitches while making an item.

I love to crochet; it’s an excellent hobby for keeping your hands busy while watching TV or having a conversation. I would love to pass this love on to as many people as would like to learn.

MY REVIEW: I was surprised to find how many crochet blogs there were...but this is the only one I saw that started from the very beginning of the craft, so I have to recommend it.

The author writes well, gives clear directions, and illustrates with photographs. If you want to learn how to crochet or improve your skills, check this out.

Sample post
(1/2, and photos not reproduced)
Lesson 3 - The Single Crochet Stitch
The single crochet stitch (abbreviated SC) is one of the easiest stitches available and is highly useful. I currently have three patterns prepared for us to practice this stitch. Used alone, it is a simple but tight-knit stitch. Used in conjunction with other stitches, it can be beautiful, yet stable.

For this stitch and the pattern that follows, you will need the following supplies:

Sugar 'n Cream Yarn (or other worsted weight cotton yarn) - 1 skein in your choice of color
Size G Crochet Hook
Scissors (used only for the finishing)
Embroidery Needle (used only for the finishing)

You will learn the single crochet stitch (SC) while making your washcloth.

Preparing the Foundation:

To begin, fasten on (see Lesson 2 for instructions on fastening on).

Chain 40 (see Lesson 2 for instructions on the chain stitch). In future patterns this will be abbreviated as (CH 40). Here is my foundation for the washcloth:

The chain stitches are the foundation for our washcloth. For the rest of this pattern, you will be using the single crochet stitch exclusively.

How to make the SC stitch:

Step One:
Insert the tip of your needle in the second stitch from your hook. My thumb in the following photo shows the second stitch:

I have seen different instructions on exactly how to insert the needle in this stitch. Some crocheters insert the needle in the "back loop" of the stitch. In the photo above the "back loop" is the top part of the stitch. If you were looking at the stitch sideways to view it as a "v", the back loop would be the left line of the "v". Some crocheters choose to insert the hook in the "front loop", which would be the bottom part of the stitch, or the right line of the "v" (there are even some advanced patterns that call for making stitches through one loop or the other, to create a cabled effect, but we aren't there yet). I find that my work looks more polished if I insert my hook through both loops. This will be a bit frustrating at first, as each stitch takes a little while insert the hook through, but remember, you are building your foundation. After the foundation is built, the remaining stitches will be made much more easily. Just bear with this first step.

To insert your hook through both loops of the SECOND stitch from the hook, first poke the hook under the front (bottom) loop:

--Lesson 3 - The Single Crochet Stitch
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