Monday, March 26, 2012

Caroline Miniscule's Baseball (baseball)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: I have been a baseball fan most of my life.

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was 13 years old when Kirby Puckett was called up in May and made his debut with the Twins - going 4 for 5. I saw both World Series' runs the Twins had, and was there when Kirby played his last game.

When I moved to Virginia, I adopted the Orioles and the Nationals. I've always liked the Orioles - even when I lived in Minnesota, because I liked Calvin Ripken, and I live in hope that one day the Orioles will be able to return to their former glory...). And the Nationals...well, I hope that one day they will be able to achieve glory...

Now that I've moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, I've added the Colorado Rockies to my allegiance.

This blog will therefore cover the Twins, Orioles, Nationals and Rockies in detail.

I'm also a fan of individual players on certain teams. And there are teams that I use mind-control in order to make them lose every day - for example the Yankees.

I'm not too fond of the Boston Red Sox after the way they treated Tito Francona, but I do like Jacoby Ellsbury. And as for the Seattle Mariners, it will be interesting to see how Ichiro Suzuki does in the 3-hole instead of his normal lead-off spot.

I'll also be playing MLB's Beat the Streak and if they bring back MLB Survivor, I'll be playing that, too. I'll share my picks on this blog.

So sit back, have some poporn and crackerjacks, and some Pepsi, and enjoy the baseball season along with me.

MY REVIEW: Most sports blogs are told from the male point of view. Caroline Miniscule covers sports from the woman's point of view. Not that there's much difference in reporting - sports are sports.

Check it out.

Sample post:
Rockies Pitcher: Jamie Moyer

I'm really excited to see Jamie Moyer as part of the Rockies staff. I've been a fan of his ever since he was with the Mariners, and was bummed when they let him go. Indeed, one of my favorite baseball advertistments (released in the Mariners' market) was Jamie Moyer having his fast ball measured by a speed gun that measured in kilometers. He takes a look at the speed of it - 140 km, and says, "Ooh la la."

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