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Star Trek Online Couch (science fiction)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle

MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: A review, and short stories of Starfleet Officer's Nimue Aline, and Alexander James Matthews.

MY REVIEW: This is an interesting blog, the only problem with it is that it is only updated once or twice a month at most. If you're a Star Trek fan, though, check it out!

Sample post:
April Engineering Report 2011

We’re another month closer to the Season 4 update and the team is busily developing all the new systems and content that will be hitting the test servers in the upcoming months. In addition there’s been some great new developments since our last report. The biggest of which is the Foundry is now on Holodeck!

The Foundry has sparked imaginations worldwide and I can report that over 16,000 projects have been started since the Foundry went live at the end of April. While many of these projects are still in development, there is already a steady flow of over 500 interesting and fun missions to play on the community authored tab of the mission journal. Combined with the rating system, the Foundry is proving that Star Trek fans have a knack for creating compelling stories and fun gameplay. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be adding a new repeatable mission that will allow you to receive scaling rewards for playing a various number of Foundry missions. The future of the Foundry continues to look bright.

In the last report I talked about the schedule and Feature Episodes and there was concerns that there wouldn’t be any “new” content until after the Season 4 update. We have been discussing the feedback and working on a way to squeeze some more content in as soon as possible. At present we are looking at an update as early as May that would add in some new surprises prior to the release of Season 4. I’ll keep you posted as we finalize our plans.

As the team tackles many of the features of the Season 4 update, we often find ourselves discussing additional ways to improve the game and many of those discussions are reflected below in the discussion section. while not every feature we are working on is listed below, we are continuously making small tweaks to the game that will be reflected in Season 4. You’ll be able to get your hands on these changes in late May/early June when we open up our test shard to begin hammering on all these upcoming changes.

Over the last month we have also announced that there have been some management changes at the top of Cryptic Studios with Jack Emmert now as CEO and former STO Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich returning as the new COO of Cryptic. Both of these changes have had a very positive impact on STO and I can say that I’m very pleased with the direction these two are headed with both Star Trek Online and the studio in general. The launch and follow up of Champions and STO has had a profound impact on the company in general and I’d like to think that we’ve learned a lot from it and are working to both address the obvious issues and also improve on our successes. It’s definitely a different Cryptic than I remember just two years ago. This next year for STO is going to be even better than the last and we’ll continue to pour our hearts into the game and get to all the features and content that you’ve continuously suggested. Keep the feedback coming, it is having a great impact on the game.

p.s. The Fan Enterprise contest finalists are being notified and we should be able to announce and show everyone the winners (hopefully) next week!

Now on to the report!
[I don't include the report, it's twice as long ast he text above!]

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