Friday, June 3, 2011

Chase Me faster: The sequel to The Coldest Equations(arts and entertainment)

REVIEWED BY: Caroline Miniscule

MY RECOMMENDATION: Yes, absolutely!

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Chase Me Faster will be the sequel to the recently released science fiction novel, The Coldest Equations. In this blog, I share the process of writing this book, from expanding on my outline, to re-examining characters, to the writing and rewriting and so on.

If yo've ever wondered how a writer "does it" - this blog is for you. Not only will you be seeing a fly's eyes view of a writer's life, you'll also be reading a fantastic book: Chase Me Faster .

MY REVIEW: This is actually one of my blogs. I recently published my first science fiction novel, The Coldest Equations, and am now hard at work on the sequel - writing it in between my "real work" and my family commitments. The struggle of that, and the writing itself, makes for fun reading, I think.

--A beginning revised and continued...
--A beginning
--Just Not In The Mood...
--Porlock Prevention #1
--The Name Game #1
--The Coldest Equations

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