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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Business, health, technology, relationships and family, food, style, travel tips, opinion, reviews, and news for intelligent women everywhere.

MY REVIEW: This is an excellent blog for women who run businesses, although truth to tell all the bloggers seem to run solely businesses for women - clothing and such like, as opposed to high-powered businesses like accounting, banking, inventing, whatever.

There are plenty of tips on running business, as well as just life in general, so check it out.

Sample post:
Website Review:
Could you imagine your perfect pair of jeans? What color would they be? What leg style? Would they be high-waist or low? At that’s all up to you. It’s an e-commerce site providing jeans just the way you like them.

Tons excited and a bit overwhelmed? No need to be, they make it super easy with their simple instructions and step-by-step style choices.

Visit the How it Works page, and you will see that your only four steps away from a custom pair of jeans. First, pick your fit. Choose from slim, relaxed, trouser, or plus size fit (all the major trends.) These fits vary in width of the thigh and leg area. Next, choose your wash. Choices are: light, medium, dark and rinse; if ever in doubt go with dark denim.

Third, design the style of your jeans. Now, this is where it gets fun! Here are some of the options you get to choose from: stretch, rise, leg, zipper, and pockets. They have a multitude of choices, some you probably weren’t even aware of. Last, is to type in your exact measurements of your inseam, height, waist, and other measurements. Then its up to Indi to make their magic.

Men can also benefit from this service. While currently women only get the option of custom jeans, men also get to create button-down shirts. And, when you’re ready for another pair, re-ordering is easy since they save your design and let you make changes as you wish.

All in all, I’m impressed by all the style choices you get to make. Prices start at $155 which is what you would normally pay for designer denim (that is not custom-made.) So start creating fledgling designers and, “Make it Work!”
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