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Jo's Health Corner (women's health and beauty)

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: This blog was created by Johanna Pedranti. She is an aromatherapist passionate about sharing her knowledge. Her goal is to help people find their way to optimal health without going broke. This blog is about natural health, aromatherapy, nutrition and fitness. It also has tips on making soaps and your own natural health products.

MY REVIEW: This blog covers a variety of health topics - using "essential oils" in a variety of ways to promote health and beauty. The posts vary on such topics as essential oils for children, homespa, health building, making your own, and so on.

If you've got sensitive skin, or just want to get away from makeup and materials full of chemicals, give this blog a try.

Sample post
Essential Oils for Skin Care - Sensitive Skin

We all have the potential of having sensitive skin, and our skin may become sensitive to certain substances or sensitive in certain circumstances like stress. As we age the sensitivity may increase as well.

Avoid hard water, alcohol in skin toners, harsh alkaline cleaners or soaps, highly perfumed products and skin abrasives. Simplicity and pure ingredients are important in a skin care regimen for sensitive skin. Mild toners, gentle cleansers and delicate moisturizer are the key. Use simple floral water like chamomile or orange blossom as a toner. You can also make your own infused herbal toner.

It is also important that great care is taken when selecting the essential oils. Oils with anti-inflammatory properties like yarrow, lavender, neroli, German chamomile, and everlasting/helichrysum should be used for sensitive skin according to Battaglia.

Evening primrose, jojoba, apricot kernel and infused calendula oils are base oils that traditionally been used for sensitive skin.

Make your own ointments, creams, facial gels, and toners using the essential oils and base oils mentioned above.

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