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BLOG DESCRIPTION: The day-to-day life of Ciall Kennett from Milton Keynes, England. Each day, he publishes his highlights, lowlights, reviews and opinions. A massive film fan, he regularly posts film reviews and experiences, as well as his regular trips to theme parks. A great way to read into the diary of a stranger...with consent!

MY REVIEW: The author of this blog, 17 years old (at the time of this writign) is located in Milton Keynes, England. His posts cover a wide variety of subjects, not the least of which is life in England which those of us in the States who are Anglophiles will find interesting. He's a good writer, has an interesting take on life for one his age, so I highly recommend it.

Sample post:
Monday, 27 December 2010
Monday 27th December IS Boxing Day
I made a purchase last night, which probably sounds like a bad idea: I got a Kindle. Yup - £109 and it reads books...and I hardy read books :P BUT, it is quite awesome, and I want to read more, and I have been considering getting it for ages, but after I decided to leave Coasterforce for a while (reasons which will be explained if you ask for them to be), I decided to treat myself :) It should arrive by Friday...I hope :)

I've already got about 100 books to put on it xD

I didn't get much sleep last night, once again. I was up quite late talking to Samantha - with her being stuck in her house, and me not having much of a life, we seem to be spending ages a day chatting :P

I eventually dropped off to sleep about 4.30am this morning, and awoke about 1pm.

Decided it was a good day to go to THE BOXING DAY SALES.

Yes - I just said Boxing Day is today when it's the 27th. Boxing Day was today on a technicality, as Boxing Day is the first weekday after Christmas Day, so today rather than the conventional 26th December.

I walked up the city to hopefully pick up some new jeans and hopefully get a new pair of trainers. After battling through the slow people and having a random guy shout at me "Ciall, you're a faggot!", I headed to Specsavers with my spare pair of glasses and got them adjusted - finally I can wear them :P

Then walked to Next to try and get some shoes and/or jeans...there was literally nothing nice in their "sale", so I left.

Headed to depression central - Poundland - and picked up 7-Up and Pepsi cans as I was thirsty. Walked around trying to find places which do shoes at size 13 (literally nowhere does ¬¬), and went to Madhouse and picked up 2 pairs of jeans. Annoyingly, as I'm a very small waist, but a 34/36 leg, I struggle to find jeans that fit me...especially when they have waist sizes in "small" "regular" and "large" ¬¬ Nonetheless, I think I have 2 pairs which somewhat fit me, and for £6 each, a bargain in my opinion.

Walked over to Subway and as I had a voucher for a free 6" sub when I buy a 6" and medium drink, I picked up a Subway Melt and Club and the guy only charged me for the one sub and not the drink - noice!

Walked partially back, before Jo offered to pick me up from Oldbrook :) Got back, been on netbook talking to Samantha and trying to find size 13 shoes in a nice style and reasonably price...

Will begin writing my 2010 sum up/2011 introduction post for New Years Eve now :)

I've been doing a little research, and I think I have come across a theory/status that best reflects me. I am a Average Frustrated Chump, or AFC for short. I'd be described as "a stereotypical nice guy who has no pickup skills or understanding of what attracts women; a man who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy patterns of behaviour around women" - I think that's me in a nutshell. I don't mind, that's who I am, but at least now I know what to call myself :P

Also, it's an NLP-linked thing, which makes me happy as I wuv NLP :)

--Monday 27th December IS Boxing Day
--Christmas 2010 - Getting pished
--Netbook broken = a week of no blog :(
--6-9 inches. Impressive ;)
--I didn't go to work today...
--According to chavs...
--Boredom leads to sleeping in school...
--I'm stuck in a triangle, and I'm the top corner.
--4 VERY exciting days in two VERY exciting posts! (...
--4 VERY exciting days in two VERY exciting posts! (...
--I keep dancing on my own...
--Snow pictures :)
--Pendulum + Hadouken! - NIA PTR
--Days are blurred, time is sparse...

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