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Scrabble Quest

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: By October 10, 2012, I want to have learned/memorized the over 100,000 2-to-8 letter words in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (the American edition!) as well as Scrabble strategy, so that I can compete at a decent level in an NSA sponsored Scrabble tournament.

Learn along with me.

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MY REVIEW: This blog is simply a lot of fun. Even a casual scrabble player will enjoy it. The not-so-casual scrabble player will learn a lot!

Sample post
Vengeance will be mine
You meet a wide variety of people on the online scrabble club Wordbiz. Some of them are friendly and will chat with you, some won't. Some will do the bare minimum. They'll do Hi, GL to open the game. (Hi and good luck) and at the end of the game TY. GG. (Thank you, good game.)

And I don't mind those. It's obvious they don't want to chat but rather concentrate on the game, and I completely understand that.

What irks me are people who don't respond to those bare minimum overtures.

I had a guy tonight, ZAquariusZ, rankled about 70 points higher than me. He challenged me. I did my, Hi and Gl. No response. I got no vowels on my first rack. Instead of exchanging a few of them - I hate to do that on my first turn - I played an H and a W around a E.

No vowels.

I had no choice. I turned in 4 letters, got back 4 consonants. Again, my opponent spelled a word such that there was nowhere I could go to spell anything that would give me any points, so I turned in 4 letters again. And got back 3 consonants and an O.

So I was frustrated, and I said to my opponent (in a little message bar), something like "3 changes of tiles and I finally get one vowel."

No response.

Well, that really irked me. A simple ; ) to know that he (or she) knew the feeling would have been nice. But no.

Eventually I managed to catch up, but he pulled ahead again at the end and beat me by about 10 points. I said TY, GG. I didn't expect a response and i didn't receive one.

Now, had I won, I'd make a point of never playing this guy again. But he was a jerk and he beat me, so he must pay.I "buddied" him, so I'll be told when he's on the site again, and I'll challenge him, and if the computer plays fair by me I'll beat him.

And then I'll message him, "sucks to you!" and put him on my noplay list!

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