Monday, January 23, 2012

Eve Le QiNu's Flashwords - Unofficial Scrabble Study Guide

This is why I've missed several days worth of posting. I've been working on this Scrabble Guide. Volume 1 went on sale about a week ago. I finished Volume 2 yesterday and uploaded it, and it is also available now.

Scrabble enthusiasts will love these two books which will help them memorize all 2- and 3-letter words - the building blocks of any successful Scrabble strategy.

(The books are also available on the Nook)

Here's the link to Volume 1:

Here's the link to Volume 2

Description from Vol 1
A 7-letter word (bingo) in Scrabble is a spectacular play, averaging 70 points in a single turn. But if you know your 2-letter and 3-letter words back-words and fore-word (and middle-word), you can easily make up those points in two well-played turns, by making five 2-and 3-letter words in a single turn and reaping the benefits.

In Volume 1 of Eve Le QiNu's Flashwords, an unofficial Scrabble and other word game study guide) we help you memorize all the 2-letter and 3-letter words currently approved for Scrabble.

We do this by the Flashcard system. You read a definition, you think of the word, you go to the next page and find out if you're right. Or you're given a list of words - all the 3-letter words that begin with the letter A and end in the letter A and are asked, Which one is missing.

It's a fun game and one that will help you memorize these words quickly.

We've broken it into two volumes, as this volume already has 2000 pages.

First we cover the 2-letter words, then the 3-letter words which end in the letters from A to G. (The next volume will cover 3-letter words that end in letters from H to Z, plus some other fun stuff).

At the back of the book are also word lists - 2 letter words sorted by first letter and last letter, and 3 letter words sorted by first letter, middle letter and last letter.

Eve Le Qinu is the pseudonym of Caroline Miniscule, who has written two science fiction novels - the Coldest Equations: The People Out There and The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers.

She also has a five year mission to memorize every single word in the Scrabble dictionary and become a world champion Scrabble player.

Description from Vol 2
In Volume 2 of Eve Le QiNu's Flash Words, an Unofficial Scrabble and Word Game study guide, we continue our quiz of 3-letter words, beginning with those 3-letter words ending in the letter H and continuing on through the letter Z.

We also provide appendices: 2-letter words sorted by 1st and last letter, and 3-letter words sorted by first, middle and last letter.

The 2- and 3-letter words are the building blocks of any successful scrabble player's high scores. While a bingo of 70 points in one turn may be spectacular, that person's competitor can make up that score in two turns, if they know how to parlay 2-and 3-letter words into a 35 point score or so, by spelling five or more 2-and 3-letter words at one time and reaping the benefits.

In Volume 1, we gave unique and humorous definitions for all those 2- and 3-letter words that might be unknown to the average player, and then segued into a flash-card like game in which the reader was presented with a list of words - for example 2 out of the 3 3-letter words that began with H and ended in G, and asked to name the missing word. (We also give the reader a hint, never fear).

In Volume 2, which is over 1,500 pages, we continue that game with 3-letter words ending in the letters H through Z.

This type of game helps our readers remember these words and increase their ability to remember them when the time comes to play Scrabble.

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