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Good Vibe Blob (Positive thinking)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Manifesting stories, tips and techniques for deliberate creators using the law of attraction to get what they want.

MY REVIEW: This description from the website is soooo much more informative than the blog description from Amazon:
You & Me
I’ll share details about me, but the truth is YOU are way more interesting.

In fact, YOU are why this blog exists in the first place. You readers are the smartest people I know; generous with your insights and experiences, and asking all the best questions!

Many of you are expert uplifters, although you might not call yourself that. Lots of you work in the counseling, healing, coaching, and arts fields. Or you have a gift for bringing that to your current “work,” whatever that may be.

Some of you are new to this manifesting stuff, but many of you have studied this even longer than I have.

You like Abraham material, you’ve seen The Secret (and while you enjoyed it for the inspiration, you’re excited to find – and even create – more robust teachings about LOA), you know that LOA stands for Law of Attraction. (In fact, you guys taught me that!)

Most of you have a manifesting expertise or two, whether it’s rock star parking or free flowing traffic or something else fun. And many have a particular project you’ve been working on for a bit that you appreciate getting support, insights and assistance with.

Although many have told me you come from traditional religious backgrounds, you’ve morphed your perspectives since then. And you’ve learned not to hold it against others who aren’t doing the same.

Your favorite thing to do is help out a friend, whether it’s an online “stranger” with a word of support or a dear family member with a big hug when they down. You’re the most generous, loving and accepting people I’ve ever met! (And I work in the coaching industry – so that’s saying something!)

You have a variety of gifts you share with the world, including your beaming smiles, words of wisdom, unconditional love, your art, your way of telling a story, and your formal energy work (reiki, massage, card reading, etc).

Above all, you’re finding life to be quite an adventure with its share of both ups and downs, and you’re learning to navigate life’s twists and turns with the kind of expertise that would make a NASCAR racetrack pro envious.

And it is my pleasure to call you friend. Thanks for being here. You’re making all the difference in the world!

As for me …

For years I struggled with job changes, relationship breakups, financial upsets, health problems, etc. I had no idea of my power to change life’s details.

After building a “successful” corporate career in financial services, I soon lived the rut of autopilot. I didn’t know there was any other way to do it, until one day a homeless guy invited me to hit the road with him and the invite appealed!

I realized something might not be right with this life I’d built if giving it all up to wander the streets sounded like a good trade. It was one of those turning point moments that led to a heartfelt search for change. (Thank you homeless guy for the wake-up call.)

Not long after discovering and playing with the Law of Attraction, I became passionate about sharing this life-changer with others. Trained at CoachU and a Master Certified Coach under Martha Beck, I created Good Vibe Coaching for the extreme privilege of helping you turn your life upside down – or right side up, depending on your point of view.

I love helping people challenge beliefs, play with energy, and know that everything is possible to create daily magic and miracles!

If we’re facebook friends you already know I’m a dog lover and survived my corporate days by volunteering as a foster mom for the local animal shelter. (Which I still enjoy!)

Nature is my touchstone and I thrive when I’m hiking or even just sinking toes into green grass.

I love the movies; Mexican food is my staple; yoga helps me stay grounded and feeling good. Chocolate, music, classic cars … yes, yes, yes! My studies over the years have included diet & nutrition, astrology, feng shui, angels, simplicity, chakras, numerology, past lives, dream work and kinesiology, among other things.

That sounds eclectic, huh? Well, I’m having a good time this go-round! And it’s fabulous to be here with you all! Thank you for the privilege.
Sample post:
Using Law of Attraction to Rid Cellulite?

That’s what someone asked me today. How to use law of attraction to get rid of cellulite.

Forget world peace and planetary health, let’s use our creative power where it really counts: on those thighs!

I get a lot of emailed questions, but I liked this one in particular.

Partly because I’ve been running into a similar obstacle with something I’ve been trying to get rid of lately.

Which is the recurring thought: “What’s wrong with people?!”

I don’t remember where it started – probably a conversation with someone in animal rescue. (I get tripped up on that subject sometimes.)

And now it’s popping up in all sorts of conversations.

Senator Weiner tweets inappropriate photos, or
Arnold cheats on Maria, or
my brother tells me about his lawn mower appropriated by his ex-wife, or
Bachelorette Ashley falls for the jerk …
… and there’s that thought again.

Which isn’t a surprise, since that’s how law of attraction works. I held the thought with strong emotion at some point, revisited it a time or two, and now Universe has it on my playlist. “What’s wrong with people?”

(not my proudest manifestation)

I don’t like it and I don’t want any more of it.

Kind of like how many of us feel about cellulite, right?

It’s easy to see where I’m going wrong with my “what’s wrong with people” mantra. Whether we’re battling cellulite or cancer or the IRS or exes with illegally obtained lawn mowers - it’s all the same.

When I resist it, it persists.

I create more cellulite (or other things to dislike about my body) when I loathe it. And when I push against a thought I don’t want, it replicates like rabbits in my mind.

So does that mean I should embrace my love for all that is wrong with people? Well, that would be an improvement to what I’ve been doing – which is trying not to think it.

It’s finally gotten to the point where I burst out laughing when I say it now. (Which is also a step up the vibrational scale – laughter!)

Because “trying” is no match against law of attraction.

If you want something to be gone, whether it’s cellulite or stupid people – here’s what works better:

make some peace with it
and then focus on the opposite (or at least something alternative)
I’m practicing this by not beating myself up when I hear myself repeating my “What’s wrong with people” mantra, and then consciously noticing what’s right with folks. And there is SO much evidence of that!

If it’s cellulite you want law of attraction to take away - start by stop making it such a problem.

Soften your thinking about it; let it be a smaller deal.

And then notice what’s RIGHT. Whith your body, your life, the world, whatever – get your attention on what’s easier to appreciate.

That’s the kind of vibration Universe can deliver you something good with.

Because anytime we do battle with something – whether it’s cellulite or thoughts or drugs or cancer or terrorists or true loves – we lose. And we deliberate creators know too much to play it that way.
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