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Are You Acting Up? (acting)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle

MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Are you an actor that is dedicated to your craft? Then this blog is for you! This blog shares with you acting tips in theatre and film. It informs you of some of the things actors should do now to cultivate their craft!

MY REVIEW: This blog is an excellent blog for aspiring actors. The only problem is that it is only updated twice a month. Well, fror 99 cents a month that's not too bad.

If you're an aspiring actor, check it out.

Sample post:
You booked a job! Now what?! Tip 1
Posted on June 20, 2011 by areyouactingup
There is so much information on how to audition, acting techniques, monologues, scene study, and etc but very little on expectations of an actor once they book a job. I find this fascinating because what happens after you book a job affects the energy and longevity of an artist project. Plus, if you are not aware of certain behaviors, you may be putting yourself in jeopardy on a project.

Actors often tell me that they’re so excited about their latest part, play, movie, or whatever but then I observe them coming late to rehearsal, not being timely with the communication, ill prepared on set or in rehearsal (not memorized) . Actions speak louder than words! Make sure that in every detail of your job, you are showing the director that they made the right choice by casting you.

Here are the first three tips:

Demonstrate Passion for the Project
Be timely in your communication-honor your word
Be flexible but consistent
Passion: If you’re excited about working with the artistic and production team, then they will be excited about working with you!

As a director and producer, it is so important that the talent possesses a passion for the project! It will help you in case you want to negotiate anything as well. If the director does not feel that you’re into the project, he/she may begin to have second thoughts about casting you. Was this the right decision? What are they really adding to the project? Maybe I should replace he/she? Yes! It’s true! Actors can get fired! It happens everyday for various reasons and that is another blog in itself.

Now, back to the positive! There is so much power in demonstrating your passion for your job. Excitement is contagious! In addition, it is reinforcement to the director and the production team that they made the right decision when they hired you. Think about it. What happens when you go purchase an outfit that you like or you are indecisive about your choice, and the salesperson compliments your choice by saying, “what a great color! That’s going to look really good on you! This is my favorite….” You get the point. Once this happens, you become more excited about your purchase because someone agreed with your choice. That makes you soar! It’s the same thing with a director, every time you show how much you care about the project, the better, everyone’s temperament will be and this is a great thing since film, theatre, and tv are highly collaborative art forms. When you collaborating, it’s always a joy to look forward to the production process because everyone is happy to be there.

The more positive energy you put into the project the more it will reflect in your work. Therefore, if you’re not excited about the project in the first place, don’t audition for the part. You may be able to pretend during the audition process but sooner or later, you will fizzle out and put yourself in a bad situation. Remember, how you behave (etiquette on set, on stage, or during rehearsal) determines whether or not you will be booked for another job with that company or anyone that is associated with that company. Anyone who is in the business will tell you that it is a small world out there. If a director and/or producer has a difficult time with you, the chances of getting rehired are slim to none. And as the old saying goes, you are only as good as your last job.

Stay tuned for the second tip: Communication: Perception as Reality.

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