Sunday, February 27, 2011

OT: Whose Body, the Annotated Edition

Are any of my faithful readers mystery buffs? And if you're a mystery buff, are you a fan of the Golden Age of mysteries - Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, and so on?

If so, you might like to purchase my first annotated book, Dorothy Sayers Whose Body?

It's published on the Kindle and costs only 99 cents, yet you get two books for the price of one. First, you get the annotated Whose Body, which explains every single reference or Britishism (not to mention French-isms and Latin-isms!) and once you've finished reading it, you can read it again, this time just as a straight novel.

The annotations are bolded just below the sentence its annotating, so if you're not interestedi in that particular definition, you can just skim over it and continue reading.

The annotations are a lot of fun, and very education. If you want to know what was really going on in 1923 England, check it out!

Go to Amazon, Kindle Books, Whose Body annotated. (Or if you just search on Whose Body, you'll find the book listed sixth or so on the page.) It's called Whose Body: The Annotated Edition, by Mysterious Annotations (i.e. me!)

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