Monday, December 10, 2012

Cool Cat Teacher Blog


MY RECOMMENDATION: YES, with reservations

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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Award winning classroom technology teacher, IT director and parent talks about education, technology, students, teachers, effective use of technology, and how to connect students around the world with projects in meaningful global collaboration using powerful social media tools.

More than just teaching and technology, Cool Cat Teacher also shares inspiration and motivation for lifelong learning and harnessing tools in productive ways to improve your life!

Blogs, wikis, ebooks, iTouch's, cell phones, and virtual worlds are all part of this blog with real world examples from the classroom and around the world. It is time to stop blocking these amazing tools and using them in the classroom to promote learning!

Vicki Davis has three children and has created massive global collaborative projects including the Flat Classroom Project, Digiteen Digital Citizenship and has been featured by bestselling books by Thomas Friedman (the World is Flat), Don Tapscott (Grown Up Digital) and Curtis Bonk (the World is Open.)

She loves to have fun and use technology but also believes in balance. Stay up to date on current classroom practice with technology.

MY REVIEW: The author seems to post twice daily. One half of the posts are education and technology news, and are links - too much of a hassle to get on the web and read them. But the other post is a normal one, you get the entire feed, and it's worth reading if you're a teacher or a parent with kids in school.

School starts in only a month? Wow, how time flies.

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