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Ancient Digger (archaeology)



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: An interesting tour into the world of Archaeology and Science. My personal journey on the path to my Doctorate in Archaeology.

As an archaeology aficianado, I really love this blog. The author is an archaology student, and so she is all over the time periods, from the Titanic to ancient British history, etc., but I like that kind of stuff.

The author writes well, and her choices of topic are interesting and well thought out.

If you're interested in archaeology or just history, this is the blog for you.

Sample Post
Medieval Mason's Marks The End of Boxed Furniture
Gone are the days where quality furniture was carved out of one piece of solid wood, or a swivel office chair was already put together, included in the price of course.That must be by I adore the architectural and structural forms of archaeology, whereas things were just built better, and meant to last.

Mason’s Marks refer to marks made on the blocks of walling stone and on moulded stone as part of the construction process, and have been in use for centuries. Academics studying the use of the marks at the University of Warwick claim self-assembly furniture manufacturers could learn a lot from the ancient system and save thousands of pounds in production costs.

The marks are a sophisticated series of symbols which operated outside literacy and enabled instructions to be transferred between the designers and the constructors of buildings across the building world . The system is universal and different versions of Masons’ Marks have been found in use at various sites across the world, over a 4,000 year period.

Read and Watch the Video about the Mason Marks and the end of Flat Pack Furniture@PhysOrg

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