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The Spanish Blog - learning Spanish

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle



WEB ADDRESS: http://www.thespanishblog.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Hi, my name is Laura and I am from Bilbao in northern Spain. I trained as a Spanish Language Teacher with Lacunza International House in San Sebastian and qualified in 2004. I taught Spanish at Exeter College of Further & Higher Education in England and later in an Alicante Language School after moving back to Spain. I really enjoy my job and the intricacies of the Spanish Language. I still live in Alicante and for the past five years have been teaching the Spanish Language via the internet to students from all over the world.

My main personal interests are music, photography, travelling, reading and cooking. I studied music for twelve years in Bilbao and I play the piano. I also enjoy singing and I try to sing more in English now. I really like to eat and cook new food from different countries, although I am definitely a big fan of Spanish cuisine! I also love traditional English food and believe it is underrated. I lived in England for about four years and I think that I have tried most of the traditional British dishes. My favourites are English cakes such as scones with clotted cream and flapjacks.

I have been learning English since I was twelve as it is compulsory in Spanish schools. However, when I finished my University degree and travelled to England for the first time I realised how little I actually knew. My English got better after being thrown in at the deep end and having to speak English every day at work there. Now I still speak English every day and have had a lot of practice, but I understand just how tough it can be to start learning a language. I try to apply my own experiences to my teaching and get my students speaking as much as possible as quickly as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my website. I really appreciate your interest and I hope that you enjoy my daily Spanish video lessons and my complete Spanish mp3 courses. I also hope that you find my articles about “everything and anything Spanish” interesting and they motivate you to come and explore Spain. I will try to cover as wide a range of topics as possible, including Spanish food, Spanish TV, Spanish music and Spanish history. My mission is to provide the most complete, most clearly explained, best quality, best value Spanish language learning material available anywhere and to tell as many people as I can all that I can about my wonderful country.

My Review
This blog is not suitable for the Kindle, but then, it's not on the Kindle. The author writes well,and shares lots of Spanish language videos. Check it out.

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--How to swear in Spanish: Common Spanish swear words and insults
--Spanish group Estopa Pastillas De Freno

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