Monday, August 13, 2012

Better Than I Expected: Sex and Aging



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BLOG DESCRIPTION: Join us in celebrating the joys and discussing the challenges of older age sexuality. Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality and author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty, a sassy, sexy book combining her personal story with tales from sexually seasoned women and tips from the experts. This blog presents senior sexuality news and views, reader issues and problems, relevant book reviews, and much more. Join us in speaking out and proving that our society's view of seniors as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong. Welcome to our community!

MY REVIEW: I review practically every blog topic in this blog, from erotic fiction to gay fiction to sex for seniors. There are a few types of blogs that will never be reviewed here - hardcore sex, fetish sex, blogs that advocate hate for any group (blogs that talk about stopping illegal immigration do NOT advocate hate in my book, despite what liberals say!) stuff of that nature. (And if a blog that I review suddenly changes its posting style and devolves into that kind of material, please let me know, and I'll remove the review.)

So, for our senior population, this blog will be of great interest. I myself am only 50 (though I claim to be 60, because that way people tell me that I look really good for being 60), and don't need this material yet, but for the active senior, sex is not something that they should be ashamed of. Education is the key to growing old, happily, together.

--Sex Toys for Older Men
--Naked at Our Age: A Straight Talking Guide to Senior Sex
--What I learned at the Museum of Sex, NYC
--Free Fall: A Late in Life Love Affair, an erotic memoir
--Erectile Dysfunction: Michael Castleman Talks to Women

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