Monday, February 8, 2010

Things To Come - Blogs Only

The focus of this blog has changed.

Originally I was going to do both book reviews and blog reviews. However, there are plenty of Kindle book review blogs out there, so I'm going to focus on an under-represented niche, the Kindle blog. (Obviously, the blog is available out there on the web as well, the niche is reading it on a Kindle.)

Email me at with your blog details, and I'll probably review it.

Blogs on tap for this week.
I've chosen a blog from almost every category, and will cycle through each category in my reviews.

Amazon Daily. A free blog, which tells the latest offerings on Amazon.
Gun Nuts Media
The Foodista Blog
Bible Verse of the Day
Your Life Organized

I'll review from 3 to 5 blogs a day. I'll also have a webpage where I list each blog that I've reviewed.

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