Monday, February 8, 2010

Assembling A Library and Learning the Features

I continue to assemble my library very slowly. Most of the books I'll be downloading are of the free variety or of the 99 cent variety. I purchased AA Milne's mystery novel The Red House for 99 cents, for example. (Milne is most famous as the creator of Winne the Pooh). I go The Voyages of Christopher Columbus for free - a translation of the three books he wrote about his voyages.

I also purchased An Expert in Murder, for the full-whack, $8 or so. (It was available as a used print book for $2.75, but add in the $3.99 postage that Amazon charges, and it was very nearly $8, and I wanted it, so I bought it.) It features as detective Elizabeth Macintosh - aka the mystery writer Josephine Tey. I like Tey's work, so I thought it would be interesting to check it out. Will be producing a review of it shortly.

I'm still becoming familiar with all the little things the Kindle can do. For example in the Menu section, you can - after you turn wireless on, of course - search Google, search Wikipedia, search Kindle store, etc.

I've read that it's impossible to sort by author, and now that I've got twelve items in my index - 11 books and 1 "welcome" message, time to see if I can at least sort them alphabetically by title and get rid of that welcome message forever!

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