Friday, February 5, 2010

My Kindle Arrived Today

The Kindle was well packaged in one very sturdy box inside the shipping box. For some reason, the leather case I also ordered was also packaged inside an extremely sturdy box as well...don't quite understand the need for that.

Also got a shock to see the face of the Kindle is white - for some reason I was expecting grey. Looks nice, though. (The back panel is grey).

Plugged it in, and discovered that the book I had ordered - The Anthony Boucher Chronicles, was there and waiting for me.

Which was kind of odd because when I went in a few minutes later, to order The Friends of Mr Cairo blog (I write it, it reviews mysteries) I couldn't order it until I'd given my Kindle a name and registered its serial number! I decided to call it Sargasso.

So, I ordered by blog, and looked through it. As I hoped, the links I include to websites are accessible. Photos are reproduced - although admittedly they look horrible. Nevertheless, you can see them. What can't be seen are ads - or chicklets, I guess they're called. So if I want to drive people to Amazon and earn a little money at the same time I'll have to provide two links - the chicklet for people reading the blog on computers, and a straight URL to take them to the appropriate page.

So, after my first few hours with the Kindle, I'm pleased. I still have to read the manual and learn how to use its various features - I'm looking forward to being able to make notes, and I want to know if I can tell the Kindle to go to a certain page number (I always like to read the last chapter of a mystery novel first). Well, we'll see.

I will now get serious with book reviews for the Kindle, and offer this blog on Kindle as well!

I will review Kindle books. No horror or romance. Non-fiction of any kind, I prefer fiction to be mystery or science fiction. If you want to know if I'll accept your work, email To email books to my Kindle,

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