Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kids books on Kindle

My Kindle shipped yesterday, according to the notification I received from them...since it comes from New York, I think, hopefully I'll have it tomorrow.

So, while I wait, I went to the library and checked out a few books.

Let's see if they are on the Kindle.

The Bell Reef, by Sarita Kendall.
No, not available. Well, the book was published in 1989, and all books aren't automatically converted to Kindle, of course. The publishers have to make the effort to convert the books to the electronic format.

What is The Bell Reef?
"The Columbian Bell Reef has always been considered a mysterious, haunted place - ever since the sinking of the pirate ship San Jose. But Daniel, born and raised on an island near the reef, has never paid much attention to the rumors of ghosts and curses.

Things change one eventful afternoon on the reef. While snorkeling with Vicky, an American visitor to the island, DAniel spots something under the water. Could he accidentally have found the San Jose's fortune?

Despite the strange, terrifying clang of the Bell Reef - said to be a ghostly warning against treasure hunting - Daniel and Vicky set out to recover the lost jewels. They enlist the aid of Kika, a trained dolphin from an acquarium where Daniel woeks, and head off to find the booty and the truth behind the Bell Reef mystery.

Gus & Gertie and The Missing Pearl, by Jan Lowery Nixon, pictures by Diane DeGroat
Nope, not on Kindle. It was published in 2000.
Gus and Gertie are all set for their elegant vacation on Holiday Island. But it looks like they got off the ferry on the wrong side of the island...and the rascally ruffians they run into are just the beginning of their troubles. Before they know it, Gertie's precious deep-sea pearl is missing - and every seafaring scallywag in sight looks like the culprit. Can you put together the hidden clues and find the real villain before it's too late.

Joan Lowery Nixon's hilarious hijinks and Diane deGroats rowdy cast of characters make for a slapstick adventure that will keep readers smiling - and sleuthing - until the case is cracked.

The Hardy Boys
are available on Kindle, for $5.59 a piece. So is Nancy Drew.

The Three Investigators are not included, which really irks me as the writing is so much better than the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Nor is Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Now admittedly the Tom Corbett stories are extremely dated, but they are still a lot of fun!

Tom Swift is available. And these books must be in the public domain or something because you can get 29 books for 99 cents. Now, that's what I'm talking about!. (Although, these are the original, 1900s stories, not the 1950s ones!

The Happy Hollisters - more favorite books from my childhood that, unlike Tom Corbett and The Three Investigators, I can't re-read now - are not available. The Bobbsey Twins - the original versions - are for sale. Free.

No Power Boys, no Dana Girls. No Biff Brewster (another childhood favorite).

Ah, well.

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