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Pampering Camper (camping, photography, travel)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle


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MY REVIEW: The website to which this blog is attached is an excellent one for campers. The blog is also a lot of fun as the author shares her travel tales, and lots of cool photos of beautiful scenery. Of course the color photos will lose something on the b&w kindle, but then b&W photography has a beauty all its own, too!

Check it out.

Sample post (with the several photos omitted)
Perspective on Showers
I woke up and didn’t hear rain on the roof of our 5th wheel. Yay! Still sore from yesterday’s clearing trees, I couldn’t stand the thought of doing my resistance exercises. A walk on the beach sounded a lot nicer. It’s no wonder that people use weather as a metaphor for the trials of life. After the storm subsides, it’s such a relief to feel the winds calm, the clouds part, and the sun’s warmth.

As I walked back into the campground I saw a camper. I stopped to talk to him for a minute. We talked about where they’ve been travelling (Arizona) and where they live (Oregon), the weather and how nice of a morning it is. I told him I heard the weather is supposed to be this nice through the weekend. He said, “Really? I saw the forecast was “showers” for the next few days.” I reminded him that he is back in Oregon and that “showers” means you’ll see the sun at least part of the day. I think we saw the same forecast but had different perspectives on what “showers” meant. :-)

I guess I’m a “glass-half-full” kind-of-a-gal.

Between sunrise and sunset we cut down trees in Baker Beach and Rock Creek Campgrounds. We started some work in Cape Perpetua but we pooped out after one tree. We headed home (Tillicum Campground). We got back just in time to check the restrooms, check the iron ranger, make pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausage for dinner then go for another walk on the beach at sunset and low tide.

Oh yeah and, I REALLY need a shower!

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