Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Diplomat's Dance (politics)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle




BLOG DESCRIPTION: Everyone knows who the President of the United States is. Some might even know who the Vice President is, as well as the Secretary of State.

But who knows the names of our diplomats - our ambassadors to various countries, our envoys, our special representatives?

Who knows the names of the organizations set up under governmental aegis, and what they do (and how much tax money they cost)?

Who knows the names of the organizations set up by the UN - who even knows the UN's charter?

This blog will endeavor to give faces - and names- to the shadow world of diplomacy.

This blog is updated Monday through Friday, and occasionally on the weekends.

MY REVIEW: This is a blog whose time has come. As the description says, we all know the name of our President, Barack Obama, and the VP, Biden, and we all know Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Who else do we know? Do we even know what they are doing with our tax dollars?

This blog is more information than opinion. It shares the daily schedule of Hilary Clinton and the diplomatic corps, and then gives biographies - albeit from Wikipedia, on what the the various institutions are that are diplomats work with.

I find it fascinating.

Check it out.

--What is Food for the Hungry?
--What is ACVFA?
--23 Mar 2012, Fri, SoS Clinton and Staff Schedule
--What is the Milennium Challenge Corporation?
--What is World Water Day?
--22 Mar, 2012, Thu, SoS Clinton and Staff Schedule
--21 Mar 2012, Wed, SoS Clinton and Staff Schedule
--What is the United States Foreign Service?
--20 Mar 2012: Tues, SoS Clinton and Staff Schedule
--What is the American Ireland Fund?
--What is the CSIS Trilateral Nuclear Dialog?
--19 Mar 2012, Mon, Sos Clinton and Staff Schedule

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