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World Baby Report (parenting)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle




BLOG DESCRIPTION: A world of news and information for your pregnancy and parenting journey. Receive the latest pregnancy and infant health and wellness news. Plus- parenting tips, product news, and baby/toddler centered stories of interest.

MY REVIEW: This is an excellent blog for parents of newborns and toddlers. It has all sorts of news - from how to care for baby properly to the prejudice against parents these days. (For example, one story recently in the news: "Swedish Family Ousted From Residence Due To Crying Baby", and of course we all know how vicious folks get if a baby on an airplane dares to start crying!

The website itself has links to half-a-dozen news articles each day. The blog entries that go to the Kindle have a couple of news articles, plus links to the internet.

Sample post:
Mothers of Premature Infants Pump 75% More Milk Using New Product

A joint study between Rush University Medical Center and Medela, manufacturer of breast pumps and accessories, has revealed incredible results with lifesaving implications for premature babies. Preemies are susceptible to many serious health problems related to their immature systems. Such fragile infants gain tremendous benefit when nourished with sufficient quantities of breast milk. Too weak to suckle, their mothers resort to pumping. However, such honorable efforts do not routinely yield adequate quantities. The problem as described by lead researcher Paula P. Meier, R.N., Ph.D., FAAN was that “Previous breast pumps were not designed to mimic the unique sucking pattern of full-term infants when they feed at breast before the milk comes in.” Medela has solved this deficiency by developing a new cycle feature for it’s standard 2.0 Hospital grade pump. The Symphony Preemie+ cycle is modeled after the special suckling pattern of a full term newborn, which is significantly different than babies a few weeks older. When mothers of premature infants pumped using the the new preemie cycle in concert with the the standard cycle, they achieved milk volume commensurate to that of a full term breast fed infant in just six days—a 75% increase.

Family-Work-Life -Balance Support Waning
A major setback for working families occurred last week when a federal judge delivered a ruling favorable to Bloomberg, LP, casting aside discrimination complaints filed by pregnant and working mothers who had alleged improper treatment after maternity leaves. The judge, essentially cited that companies are not required to institute or abide by work-life-balance policies. She wrote that the law “does not require companies to ignore employees’ work-family trade-offs — and they are trade-offs — when deciding about employee pay and promotions.” In a tight economy, the playing field is getting ugly. Childless workers view family-work arrangements as unfair exceptions to company rules and often devalue the contributions of working mothers. Fearing a backlash from co-workers, loss of position or even a paycheck some women are choosing work over family. In the end entire families suffer and systemically society is hurt, when long work hours rob parents of their most valuable task of raising the next generation. Ironically, study after study has demonstrated that flexible work relationships create loyal and highly dedicated employees that impact overall company success. ABC news explores the Bloomberg ruling and the working mom dynamic in a series of videos .

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