Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dave Lucas (news, views and interviews)

REVIEWED BY: Marguerite Zelle



WEB ADDRESS: dave-lucas.blogspot.com

BLOG DESCRIPTION: News, views and interviews from Dave Lucas (born October 29) , an American broadcast journalist, news anchor and talk show host. Dave is best known for the 1999 series of worldwide internet radio broadcasts surrounding the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case.

MY REVIEW: The author of this blog is currently Capital District Bureau Chief at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, a non-commercial listern supported public radio network (http://www.wamc.org/).

With all his experience, you know Lucas knows what he's talking about and all his posts are informed by his decades in the business. He talks about the news, with an emphasis on social media.

He's got some pretty interesting and informative things to say. Check it out!

Sample post:
Blogs, Blog Contests and BS
It seems I've "stirred the pot" a bit around the blogosphere with my stance on blog contests (and on guest-posting): someone even called me a "...blog monster, stuck on the ridiculous blogger platform."

Bloggers: Strive for COMMUNITY!

I recall signing up for something I think was called Tribe that was supposed to bring bloggers together… guess it petered out!

I loved MyBlogLog for its community spirit – of course, yahoo pulled the plug on it…

Bloggers have to be careful to build a real COMMUNITY – and not a CLIQUE – I know of a few blogs where you see 30-50 comments on very post but on closer inspection, those comments are divided among 3 other bloggers and the host blogger… and way at the bottom the site counter says ‘you are the third visitor today” – and it’s an hour until midnight!

I did everything I could think of (but never succeeded) to try to build a blog like the one LaShawn Barber published in the mid-2000′s when she was mostly a “political blogger.” I envied her “comments” area, which was more like an interactive forum: 30 to 200 comments on each post – every one from a UNIQUE visitor!

Lastly, SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT the best way to build a blog community, although it is a useful tool. There are a lot of bloggers who shun social media – a lot of “A-list” bloggers whose digital friendship is far more valuable than a "follow" on twitter or a "friendship" on facebook!

The Blog "Contests" that measure a successful guest-post by "mentions on social media" are just plain WRONG! the system is way too easy to game!

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