Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Kindle Blog Report Index is Now Active is the link for the index page to this blog. (Although, a similar purpose is served by the Labels, which you will see listed in the right hand column of this blog, below a few links to Amazon.

Amazon divides its blog listings into ten general categories. Sometimes the distinctions are very unclear - "Industry Focus" is, I assume, for blogs that deal specifically with a person's industry, and the industry can be any industry, but I see lots of blogs there that would seem to be more investment category related instead.

Then, there's such things as educational trivia. To me they should go under a separate category called Education, but there isn't one. I don't want to put them into Arts & Entertainment or Lifestyle and Culture, so the only other place is in the Science category, although some of them really don't belong there.

Here's the complete list of Amazon's categories:

Arts & Entertainment
Business & Investing
Humor & Satire
Industry Focus
Internet & Technology
Lifestyle & Culture
News, Politics & Opinion
Regional & Travel

I'm also confused by Internet & Technology and Science... I would think that Science deserves an & Technology as well.... and that's how I'll be treating it.

Blogs that I like and dislike will be listed on one of two category pages. Blogs that are inactive, or are unsuitable for the Kindle interface, are placed on the Don't Bother page.

So, again, the index page is:

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