Monday, May 3, 2010

Retro-Review: Aayi's Recipes

Retro reviews are reviews from the earliest days of this blog.

Reviewed by: Ann Currie

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Blog description: An Indian and Konkan Food blog - Sharing authentic, traditional recipes + new successes in the art of Cooking

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"Aayi" is the word for mother in the blogger's "mother tongue", Konkani, so this blogger, whose name is Shilpa, chose that for the blog's name to reflect recipes passed from mother to daughter.

The brief narrative introducing the recipes comments on the ingredients and some adjustments that she would like to make, as well as references to other family.

The author's comments are stilted, but conversational. However, the strength of the blog comes through in how well she organizes her presentations.

She lists the ingredients, then gives a narrative, clearly describing how to prepare the dish, step by step, including "Preparation", "Method", "Assembly", and then pictures that show that step-by-step process.

Indian cooking can be exotic, trust me I know from experience here! Shilpa explains what you need, then what you need to do, and last what it should look like DURING the process (not just the perfect photos of what it looks like when the professional cook prepared it.) There is also an excellent system of Categories that make it easy to reference a past post.

More recipe blogs should be this clear.

A few entries: --Chicken Biryani with Onion-Herb Marinade
--Salmon Gravy
--Spicy Garlicky Radish (Mulangi TaLasani)

The blog is updated every 4 -5 days, which makes subscribing to it via the Kindle a good idea.

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