Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stumble Forward (money management)



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Stumble Forward, by Christopher Holdheide


BLOG DESCRIPTION: Have you ever made a financial mistake? At Stumble Forward you will learn how to avoid financial scams and ripoffs and even learn how to make and save a little extra money on the side.

MY REVIEW: I find the title "Stumble Forward" to not be very confidence-inducing... (I occassionally do wonder where people get the names for their blogs and more importantly why... even if its a funny in joke like "The accidental thong" it means nothing to one's readers, so it's a bad thing do do!)

For the last several posts this blog seems to be focussing on debt consolidation companies...or debt relief programs.... (my own feeling is, you racked up the debt, you pay it off...)

However, there's lots of good stuff here... budget plans, advice against timeshares, stuff like that.

At 99 cents a month, give it a try. Invest 99 cents to learn how to save considerably more.

--The 5 Best Debt Relief Programs
--Western Reserve Life Insurance Company Review
--Census Scams Ripping People Off
--I Owe More Than I Make: 5 Tactics That Can Slash Debt Now
--Can Debt Settlement Rescue You From Financial Crisis
--Debt Consolidation Care Review
--Debtmerica Relief Scam: The Story That Nobody Tells You

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