Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Savoring Italy - Italian Food, Wine & Travel Blog



AMAZON SUBSCRIPTION LINK: Savoring Italy - Italian Food, Wine & Travel Blog , by Mary Beth Clark

WEB ADDRESS: http://www.marybethclark.com/

BLOG DESCRIPTION: Delicious Italian recipes from our cooking school in Bologna plus Italian chef specialties. Recommendations for Italian food products and wines. Gardening tips and quick recipes for Italian vegetables. For the Italian Traveler: events, guides, webcams, weather, train schedules and Italian newspapers in English. Italian Word of the Day. International Cooking School Of Italian Food And Wine participation cooking courses.

MY REVIEW: Despite the blog's title, all this blog seems to be is strictly Italian food and wine, no travel.

It takes some getting used to. The first page or two of any entry is given over to links to various ingredients. If you follow them to the web, you get more recipes.

After that, you get the actual recipe they are talking about.

I'm not a foodie, and so can't comment on the quality of the recipes given, but they sure do seem to know what they're talking about, and if the blog ranking is any indication, this is a popular blog. So if you like Italian food made the Italian way, check this blog out.

--Pecorino Ginepro
--Cod with Fresh Fava Beans and Prosciutto
--Family Fabaceae - Genus Vicia- Fava Bean
--Crostata con Ricotta
--Penne alla Romana
--Fennel Salad with orange and black olives
--Classic chicken portafoglio
--Famiy apiaceaea - genus petroselinim - Italian parsley

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  1. I am a big time foodie and love Italian food. Right now I am in Malaysia on a business trip and spend all my spare time trying out various eastern cuisines in eateries, restaurants and hotels in Kuala Lumpur.