Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Retro-Review: 7 Gadgets

Retro-reviews are repeats of blogs reviewed during the early days of this blog.

7 Gadgets.

Blog description: Here at 7 Gadgets we publish 7 (seven) news every day! Don't miss our news again! Subscribe now!

Website: http://www.7gadgets.com/

My review: And, they do... publish 7 gadgets 7 days a week. This is a guy blog (well, it could be a girl-who-loves-techno blog too!).

The writing is clear and describes the product and its purpose, sometimes in as little as one sentence, usually, no more than a short paragraph. It is entertaining and I will give them credit, they know when to let the products speak for themselves and offer no additional description, for example Adult Glow in the Dark Pantyhose. Personally, it doesn't do anything for me, but hey, I can walk pass a Brookstone Store, not walk in, and not think a thing about it!

The last 7 Gadgets:
--Color Changing Table Lantern
--Drink up, Drunk down
--Menu Vignon Wine Thermometer
--Workaholic Pillow
--The Forearm Exerciser
--The One Touch Any Media iPod Reloader
--Seiko Prospex Super Runner's Watch

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