Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Travel! More Science!

I keep an eye on my rankings at Amazon, and I see that I am ranked #4 for subscriptions from people looking for Travel blogs, and #10 for those looking for science blogs.

So, although of course I and my colleague will continue to provide reviews about blogs on all subjects, I'm going to be making a special effort to include at least one travel and one science blog review per day, perhaps more.

Never fear, we'll continue to review arts and entertainment blogs, industry specific blogs, political blogs, hobby blogs and so on.

Remember that we've now branched out and will review blogs even if they are not available to subscribe to via the Kindle, so if you have a blog you'd like us to review, let me know. (And, if it's suitable for the Kindle - i.e., you post mostly text, and rarely video - which Kindle users can't see) why not put it out there on Amazon too?

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